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The Energy Advisor

The Energy Advisor provides Consulting Services and products to improve energy utilization. The key motivations are financial: cost reduction and return on investment.

The Energy Advisor is an advocate of green strategies but only if they do not conflict with financial benefits. A reduction in, or improved efficiency in utilizing energy, can take many forms, all having a positive environmental impact. Asking consumers or businesses to pay a premium price adjustment in the name of 'green power' for commodities such as electricity or gas, is unsound economics. Aside from architectural aesthetic considerations, there must always be a value proposition associated with green decisions.

The Energy Advisor recognizes the 'generational' aspects of energy enabling technologies. Technologies in use today, can, and will be superseded by gradual improvement as well as leaps. Therefore, consideration must be given to not only what is currently state-of-the art but what is developing in the short run. It is also important to be open minded to substitute solutions that may not precisely follow a vendor's or evangelist's proposition, since there might be numerous other equivalent methods. For example, a lighting solution might initially be florescent but LED may be even better, and passive light tubes, the best.

Areas of Competence

I. Solar Energy

  • Photovoltaic (PV) Consulting and Assessments, Business and Residential www.solarsiteservices.com
  • Solar Thermal Solutions for Hot Water Production with Solargenix non-imaging optics

    II. Wind Assessments

  • We are currently being Certified by MREA for Wind Site Assessments. Phase I training has been completed. Certification is anticipated in early 2010. Wind Assessments are for the "Small Wind Turbines", generally defined with less than 100KW capacity at energy producing windspeed.

    III. Improved energy efficiency for machines with Metal Revitalization

    IV. Cool Roofs


    Richard Barbarics is a principle advisor and has over 25 years technical experience in the technical arena including application engineering at General Electric, systems development at Network Services Division of ADP, Management at Wang Labs and 3 years of solar site surveying and PV system design. He has performed over 300 site surveys and has his BS in Physics from Virginia Tech and MBA from Widener University.

    Kenneth Bolton is a principle advisor with over 25 years technical and management experience including General Electric and for the past twenty years as CEO for Management International, a provider of various environmental services for the public and private sectors. He is a Registered Professional Engineer.


    National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
    American Council on Renewable Energy
    World Alliance for Decentralized Energy
    Institute for Local Self-Reliance
    Florida Solar Energy Center